The Rock Godz Hall of Fame Team

Cynthia Landeen
Founder/General Manager

Most of my life I have considered myself a huge fan and follower of classic rock and roll music until I found myself in the company of a pretty good professional guitar man and the legendary rock journalist, Steven Rosen. I soon learned that I knew almost nothing about rock and roll except for, maybe, the name of the song and, maybe, some of the lyrics. I decided to ask around to see if others felt the same about their knowledge of the individuals who brought us the music of our lives. Although many felt they knew pretty much everything about rock and roll based on the fact that we all actually lived it, few were able to give me the names of members of the band except for the obvious players who were in the spotlight like Jagger, Page, Clapton, etc. This new found information prompted me to think that maybe we would all like to get to know these great music makers a little more intimately! Being a lifetime entrepreneur the thought occurred that we should actually bring these guys center stage and give them their fair due! Hence we bring you Rock Godz Hall of Fame!

Francis "Buster" Akrey
Board Member

Singer / Keyboard Rocker Francis Buster Akrey started his musical journey in Greece, New York. Classical recitals from age 5 soon turned into Rock and Roll stages and Buster’s unique style of live and recorded performances began.  Honored with an MMA Rock Record of the Year Award in 2011 for his solo album “Red”. Buster is considered to be one of the great Singer, Songwriter, Hammond players in the music industry today.

“ There’s only one Buster. Precision, passion and amazing solo’s, love his work, always a first call. “

Rob Jacobs Grammy Award Winning Engineer and Producer

Buster’s long list of credits include: The Power Rangers, Steely Dan, Peggy Lee, Zacka Creek, Burt Bacharach, Danny Gans, Shaka Kahn, Loveland, The Wheels, Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, Power Cuts, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Blyss just to
mention a few.

Sandy Rizzo
Board Member

Sandy Rizzo is the founder and CEO of 18-Hour Management. She has substantial artist management experience throughout the music industry.  Rizzo began her career in Boston. There, she accepted the opportunity to work with Aerosmith's management company. Holding a variety of different positions within that company, she learned all the ins and outs of the industry.  A few years later, she relocated to the west coast and continued her artist management opportunities with famed rock manager Doc McGhee.  Working in tandem with Doc and the best bands that era had to offer, (i.e. Scorpions, Bon Jovi, KISS, Skid Row, etc.) she was able to make a name for herself throughout the industry by honing her innate talents in artist management, promotion, touring and production.

Once Sandy stepped down from McGhee Entertainment, she founded her current venture.  She works directly with artists, their managers, and their labels on all aspects of artist management (U.S. and international touring, live performances, marketing, CD recordings and promotion of both new and established artists).

In addition, Sandy and her company have been hired to consult with tours, labels and other management companies where she brings her knowledge and experience to such projects/artists as Dr. Dre (tour with Eminem), Guns n’ Roses, Interscope Records, Gary Hoey, Adema and many others.

With a proven track record of more than 20 years of hard-core, fast paced experience in artist management, Sandy uses her skills and experience to assist the clients of 18-Hour Management in obtaining the next level of their careers in the smartest and most productive way possible.

Included in her vast experiences, Sandy has been appointed the Director and Producer of a series of benefit events and live concerts called “Jump High Stay Strong Music Fest”, a non-profit organization to benefit the Dylan Rizzo Fund.  The festival series include a variety of events to raise money for the fund.  Some of the events include concerts with national, local and regional bands; Celebrity Rock n’ Roll Auctions that include hundred of items donated from artists all over the world; Raffles; Golf Tournaments, and other fundraising events.

Kevin “Dugie” Dugan
Board Member
Kevin “Dugie” Dugan has been in the guitar tech trenches with some of the best guitar players in the world. Beginning in late 1980 and early 1981, he made sure bassist Michael Anthony had everything he needed to perform his duties as one-half of the rhythm section in Van Halen. Within a year, he was promoted to band crew chief. He would later serve as Anthony’s bass tech in Chickenfoot. Along the way, Dugie has worked his magic with everyone from the Raspberries and the Romantics to Fleetwood Mac, Lita Ford and Poison. Dugie is a rare blend of mad technical skills and an innate ability to stay calm during a crisis and fix the problem. He wears many hats and over his four-decade plus career has acted not only as bass tech but as guitar tech, drum tech, stage manager, road manager and security. In 2015 Dugie was inducted into the RockGodz Hall of Fame and presently he remains as Michael Anthony’s guitar tech and travels with Sammy Hagar’s band Circle.
Steve Rosen

Steven Rosen has been a rock journalist for over 40 years. During these past 4+ decades, he has seen his work published in major music magazines and newspapers from all over the globe. His archive of stories, which numbers well over 1,000 articles, have been set in print everywhere from Japan, China, Australia, South America, and Europe to Canada, the U.S. and even Nepal. Included amongst the hundreds of magazines that have printed his stories are Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus, Playboy, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Classic Rock, Mojo, the Los Angeles Times, Musician, Drum! and many, many others.

Rosen has written seven book including biographies about Black Sabbath, Free/Bad Company, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Beck and Randy Rhoads. Peripherally, he has been cited and referenced in many different periodicals on everybody from Led Zeppelin, the Who, and Van Halen, to Deep Purple, King Crimson and Frank Zappa.

Besides journalism, the St. Louis native is a published songwriter and has had his songs recorded by Cold Sweat, Autograph, Blackthorne and Sic Vikki. He co-wrote a World Music project called Spirit Nation, which was signed to Richard Branson’s V2 Records label. The self-titled CD sold nearly 40,000 copies, an astonishing number for this type of non-mainstream music.

Rosen’s work can be currently read on where he writes a monthly piece called Behind the Curtain. Here he sheds light on what it was really like hanging out with Zeppelin on tour for 11 days in 1977 and bringing Billy Gibbons back to his Hollywood Hills guest cottage to check out his massive album collection.

He continues to interview the creatures of rock to this day.

Daniel Margasa
Board Member

With an unmistakable style that can best be described as innovative, Daniel has been a professional musician and touring artist for 25+ years. A long time drummer and producer, Daniel is also now expanding his attention to guitar and the growth of his newest venture, Sixx Gun Music, an online as well as brick and mortar retail site for his custom built guitars, amps, and all of the other world renowned brands. Credits include NBC/CBS studio sessions, and performances with artists such as Meatloaf and J. Geils. Daniel was also selected to perform as well as work as one of the music directors for president Clinton's second inaugural ball. Currently he divides his time between live and studio work, as well as the expansion of his custom instrument line at Sixx Gun Music.

Tony Franklin
Board Member

Known as the “Fretless Monster”, Tony Franklin has played alongside some of the greatest names in music history. He got his big break in 1984 as bassist in stellar supergroup The Firm, with guitar legend Jimmy Page, vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Chris Slade (AC/ DC, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band). Franklin’s signature fretless growl was a distinctive and instantly recognizable element of the band’s first hit, Radioactive. After two hit albums and substantial touring with The Firm, Franklin subsequently performed with Blue Murder (John Sykes, Carmine Appice), David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Whitesnake, Roy Harper, Pat Travers, Tony McAlpine, Gary Hoey, Donna Lewis, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Vasco Rossi, Eros Ramazzotti and many others. In January 2006, Fender proudly introduced the Tony Franklin Signature Model Fretless Precision Bass, a replica of the instrument Franklin has used throughout his career. Summer 2018 saw the release of Franklin’s Fretless Bass Instructional Course through TrueFire. With a bass solo album nearing completion, Master Classes, counseling, constant writing, touring and recording, Franklin says: “I’ve only just begun!” More info:

Rory Kaplan
Board Member
A child of the 1950s and 1960s, keyboardist Rory Kaplan was weaned on the likes of Frank Sinatra and Henry Mancini and then had his head turned around when he heard the Beatles. A deep and abiding love for synthesizers ultimately drove him to such artists as Walter Carlos and his Switched On Bach album, ELP, Yes, Genesis and others. Kaplan ultimately took that passion for electronic keyboards and turned it into a career working with such luminaries as Chick Corea’s Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and most famously Michael Jackson [Bad tour]. He also took on the role of executive producer and worked on albums for Sting, Sheryl Crow, Queen and others.
Marquetta Nickols
Board Member
Marquetta brings over 20 years of small business financial management experience with her along with a positive, friendly attitude. She has worked throughout the United States serving in finance and fund raising for over 21 years. She has a unique background with not-for-profit organizations including a wonderful charity “Faith’s Lodge”, which was started by to honor the loss of their daughter, Faith Ann Lacek, by her parents. Marquetta has a strong background in finance and fund raising.
Don Adkins

Southern California based photographer Don Adkins has been photographing the world of music or over 3 decades. Don has extensive archives of more than 200,000 images to showcase some of his favorite & significant rock images. Self taught as a photographer, by first borrowing his father's 35mm camera, Don learned by trial and error . Always technically savvy (being an engineer by background), he was able to figure out the technical aspects of photography and marrying this with his great passion for music, photographing musically important events and having the inherent sense of timing of which moments to capture. Along the way a coupe of lucky breaks occurred, being at the right place and right time during the formation of local groups such as Berlin, Toni Childs & Motley Crue, but also seeing the rise of artists such as Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Queen and more. Don was able to build relationships with artists, managers and record companies which has turned into over 20 record covers, various publicity campaigns and assignments for publication as well as rock TV shows that have appeared on MTV networks, FUSE TV and Showtime. In addition to photography Don worked a day job in the world of aerospace, being a program manager and director for several spacecraft related activities.  Don has since retired from aerospace and now focuses shooting major artists as well as working with emerging and independent artists and also shows fine art images regularly at galleries in Southern California.