Story of Rock Godz

Bringing Recognition To The Musicians Who Built The Legacy Of Rock Music

“Our mission is to acknowledge the contributions of a group of stunningly gifted musicians and professionals who flew under the radar while delivering to the world music that has orchestrated the soundtrack of many lives. We believe that these virtuosos, maestros and those working in the trenches behind the scenes need not wait any longer to be recognized and acknowledged for their part.   In the day they may have been relatively unknown to the music world and fans at large but RockGodz Hall of Fame has purposely taken on the challenge and goal of celebrating their achievements.”~Founder, Cindy Landeen

RockGodz Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by entrepreneur Cindy Landeen and rock journalist  Steve Rosen in 2009.

Federal Tax Id #: 45-2598254

What Is Rock Godz Hall of Fame?

About RockGodz Hall of Fame – RockGodz Hall of Fame was founded in 2009 for honoring those who have contributed to rock and roll and who may not have received the recognition that they deserve. The focus of the organization is to acknowledge the valuable contribution that their Inductees have made to rock and roll by bringing us the music of our lives. RockGodz Hall of Fame started in 2009 as a grassroots movement and has been building momentum for the past few years as the premier award in rock and roll. They raise money for their cause through private and corporate donations, sponsors of their events and ticket sales.

ABOUT RockGodz Hall of Fame

Well if any of you are like me and are totally honest with yourselves, then you’ve probably wondered from time to time, “Who is that singer? What is the name of that guitar player? Who is that band playing that song?” You listen to your favorite classic rock music and you’re completely stumped. You get brain freeze of the mental kind. It happens to me all the time. You know what I’m talking about, right? We want to believe we are music experts of the highest order but most of us don’t even know the names of the players in the band who recorded some of our favorite music. That is what the Rock Godz Hall of Fame is all about—telling you who these musicians are and why you should know their names. When we came up with this idea, what amazed us was how little was really known about some of these players. As Rock Godz Hall of Fame materialized and as I have had the honor to hear their stories, it made perfect sense to bring these remarkable artists front and center. Rock Godz Hall of Fame is the place where you can really get to know the faces and people behind the music. Here is where you can find the answers to some of the questions you may have been muttering to yourself all these years: Where did that guitar player come from? What band was he in? What’s he doing now?

RockGodz Hall of Fame Thanks our Lifetime Sponsors

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