Dedicated in loving memory of those we have lost.

Your legacy lives on and we will think of you fondly each time we hear your music played.

Thank you for the memories and for sharing your priceless gifts with the world.

Today we heard that our dear Benny Mardones has passed away and left us with only his memory.  Benny was the first RockGodz Hall of Fame Inductee and the inspiration for RockGodz to continue its mission of honoring those who have brought us the music that plays in the background of our lives, the soundtracks of our memories.  Benny was one of the kindest and dearest Rock Stars that existed, one of the old guard who understood what success really is, which is to love and be loved by those you hold dear.  Family and his beautiful wife Jane were that for Benny.  We will miss you Benny, but will think of you so often when they play one of our favorites ” Into the NIght”. ….gone but not forgotten.

RIP Benny Mardones.

Rare video uncut video written by Benny Mardones & Robert Tepper

Benny Mardones Into the Night. 1980 single charting at #11 in the US in September 1980, #29 in New Zealand in October 1980, #12 in Canada in November 1980, and #19 in Australia in March 1981. From the album ‘Never Run Never Hide’.