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HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 26: Frankie Banali attends the 5th Annual Rock Godz Hall Of Fame Awards at Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood on October 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tara Ziemba/WireImage)


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“Our mission is to acknowledge the contributions of a group of stunningly gifted musicians and professionals who flew under the radar while delivering to the world music that has orchestrated the soundtrack of many lives. We believe that these virtuosos, maestros and those working in the trenches behind the scenes need not wait any longer to be recognized and acknowledged for their part.  In the day they may have been relatively unknown to the music world and fans at large but RockGodz Hall of Fame has purposely taken on the challenge and goal of celebrating their achievements.”  -Founder Cindy Landeen 

All RockGodz Hall of Fame inductees are selected by inductee alumni, their peers, which continues to make the organization highly respected by the music community. This year’s Awards Show will be opened with live musical performances and throughout the evening inductees will perform tributes to their biggest hits. The evening will also feature appearances from current alumni, special guests, surprise performances and a one-of-a-kind all-star jam of past and present inductees will close the event.

RockGodz Hall of Fame has lost one of our most cherished members today with the passing of Frankie Banali.  His talent was not only as an incredible, well loved and respected drummer within his peer group but also as a caring and real down to earth human being to those that he encountered in his life’s journey .  We send our love and prayers to his family, friends and fans.  Frankie Banali, peace be with you.

Frankie is survived by his devoted wife Regina, loving daughter Ashley, many dear friends, dedicated fans, and a menagerie of rescue animals, all of whom are family. He was a longtime advocate for animal rescue, a spokesperson for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and a sponsor of Children International. Donations in his name are encouraged for Fixnation.org, Aspca.org, Pancan.org, or Children.org. His wish for everyone is that you be your own health advocate for early detection so you may live long and rescue many animals.

2019 Award Show Highlights

Rock Godz Hall of Fame Inductees

Howard Leese

Inducted July 30, 2014 Howard received his inspiration to pick up the guitar during the 1960s after seeing Dick Dale, the guitarist in the surf band “the Del-Tones”, and feeling the excitement from his playing. He studied violin and music theory at the City College, Los Angeles, and also played in a band called The Zoo.  Read More.

Steve Vai

Inducted July 30, 2014 Former guitarist and copyist/transcriber for Frank Zappa, Vai is a fast-fingered guitar god who’s considered one of rock’s greatest musicians.  Read More.

Steven Adler

Inducted July 30, 2014 As the original drummer for Guns N’ Roses, the quintet issued one of the best-selling rock debuts of all-time, 1987’s Appetite for Destruction whose raw, stripped down approach (both musically and visually) was a welcome break from the overwrought glam pop bands that were ruling the airwaves at the time.  Read More.

Steve Lukather

Inducted July 30, 2014 Best known as the guitarist for early MTV-era hitmakers Toto, Steve Lukather remains one of the world’s top session men, having played on well over a hundred recordings by a wide variety of artists over the years.  Read More.

Benny Mardones

Inducted July 30, 2014 Singer/songwriter and Maryland native Benny Mardones made a huge splash with his ’80s hit “Into the Night.” The song made the Top Ten twice, a first for a solo artist.  Read More.

Steven Rosen

Inducted July 30, 2014 Published in well over 700 articles appearing in major periodicals around the globe, from the United States and Canada to Japan, Germany, France, England, Australia, and even Katmandu, Steven’s work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Playboy, Musician, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Musician, US, Creem, Circus, Player, Total Guitar, Classic Rock, Mojo, Drum! and a myriad of others.  Read More.

Bumblefoot (Ron Thal)

Inducted March 25, 2015  

Mitch Perry

Inducted March 25, 2015

Tony Frankln

Inducted March 25, 2015

Dave Amato

Inducted March 25, 2016

Al Bowman

Inducted October 27, 2016

Buster Akrey

Inducted October 27, 2016

“Dugie” (Kevin Dugan)

Inducted October 27, 2016

Freddie Salem

Inducted October 27, 2016

Gregg Fox

Inducted October 27, 2016

Hugh McDonald

Inducted October 27, 2016

Jeff  Young

Inducted October 27, 2016

Lonn Friend

Inducted October 27, 2016

Michael Anthony

Inducted October 27, 2016

Scott Coogan

Inducted October 27, 2016

Frankie Banali

Inducted October 26, 2017 A disciple of the legendary drummer John Bonham, Frankie Banali has been most famously associated as the longtime drummer for Quiet Riot. Frankie has recorded seven albums with W.A.S.P. which includes their most critically acclaimed release spanning three decades. Additionally, he has played with Billy Idol, Gary Hoey, Billy Thorpe, Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall. His thunderous approach behind a drum kit has left an indelible print on many of the drummers who followed.  Read More.

Carmine Appice

Inducted March 25, 2017 Brooklyn’s favorite son, Carmine Appice took the drummer out of the shadows and pushed him headfirst into the spotlight. Known for his legendary live performances, Appice was at the rhythmic foundation for a score of influential classic rock bands including Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert & Appice, and Cactus. He revolutionized the way a rock drummer played and brought his knowledge to fans all over the world beginning with his now iconic how-to book Realistic Rock. He would later go onto play with Rod Stewart, Ozzy, Ted Nugent and form his own King Cobra and Blue Murder bands. Read More

Alex Skolnick

Bob Glaub

Brett Tuggle

Burleigh Drummond

Danny Kortchmar

Greg Leisz

Jeff Bova

Jim Keltner

John “JR” Robinson

Peter Beckett

Rachel Bolan

Richie Zito

Rita Wilde


Ross Hogarth

Rowan Robertson

Teddy Andreadis

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