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Welcome to Rock Godz Hall of Fame!



Premium Interviews

With a Premium Membership, you’ll have full access to our insane—and always growing library—of both video and audio interviews. The audio interviews include the most iconic and coolest musicians out there—everybody from AC/DC and Aerosmith to ZZ Top and Frank Zappa. What you’ll see in the Rock Godz video interviews are the musicians who have been members of legendary rock bands but whose names you may not know so well…until now.

Free Stuff

Yes that is right; RGz gives away really cool FREE STUFF each month as we introduce to our fans to the “Featured Artist” of the month. RGz giveaways include FREE music downloads, signed memorabilia, Music CD’s from the Feature Artist, t-shirts and more!! All Premium Members get to participate in our contests to win tickets to concerts and to the Rock Godz Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies where the fans get to meet and hang out with their favorite artists!

Artist Updates

Each month Rock Godz has a Featured Artist that we reintroduce to our Premium Members talking about the awesome skills they embody and their contribution to the soundtracks of our lives. That is just the beginning though as we retire their month to a dedicated Artist Page for our Premium Members to keep updated on what their favorite artist is up to. Premium Members also get current previews on their new music and even blog directly with the artist! Now that is very cool!!!

Steven Rosen Talks Rock

Here you’ll be able to not only read but listen to Steven Rosen’s interviews. You can be a fly on the wall as you read along about the 11 days he spent on the road with Led Zeppelin or tag along page-by-page as he hangs out with Eddie Van Halen over the course of a weekend. Steven is pulling out his coolest and rarest audio and print interviews to share with the Rock Godz fans. Fans, to hear these stories is worth the Premium Membership Fee!!!

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  1. Hi. I am the OC editor at TheHollywoodTimes.net and I would appreciate a press pass to cover this event. I am personal familiar with several of the honorees as my longtime ex husand Gordon Copley was the bassist of the Lita Ford band with Randy Czstillo and latet Eric Singer. Before Lita, Gordon was with Danny Johnson who was with Axis with Vinnie Appuce as well as DJ was with Rod Stewart with Carmine. I know Phil Soussain as well ad I am in Randy Castillo’s rockumentary. It would ve an hoyr to do a preview and review of the award night and your history. I am writing a book entitled #RockNRollResilience which I would like to mention this award show in obe of my chapters about supporting musicians. Thank you.